Erin Rogue
General Information
Gender: *checks pants* I'd say I'm a female.
Age: 16 - chu guise know that.
Hair Color: DARK-ISH
Eye Color: Dark-ish
Birthday: February 12th 1996
Height: 5'7
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Er, Rin,
Family & Friends
Family: Warren Rogue(dad), Angela Rogue(deceased mom. RIP), Andrew Rogue(brother)
Friends: Sammi, Chels, Bails, Magen
Relationships: Keegan Ryan(kindergarten)
Pet(s): Donut(fat cat)
Enemies: Ryan, Makayla - if you guys are reading this; I HATE YOU.
Other Information
Interests: Dancing, playing Slender, reading, singing, Logan Lerman(:3 I obsess over him), Naya Rivera(People say she's my doppelganger, I don't see it), Ways to make slender not scary, TheDominicShow
Education: WestChesnut High, Megoon's elementary(In different town)
Talent: Dancing, Slender(I'm the queen at it), Singing(people say)
Weaknesses: I ain't tellin you that. Only idiots would.
Role-playing Information
First appearance: BIRTH MOTHAFAWKERS
Last appearance: I AIN'T EVER LEAVIN. K
Portrayer: I don't have a portrayer..What is this even...*user:iCiara*
Um, hi. I'm Erin. I don't have an Oojimi page. Sorry.


Um, I've got dark brown hair and brown eyes. So I don't have an interesting appearance. I like to wear eyeliner a lot. My trademark is the T-Shirts I make.


Well, I have a pretty simple family. Although, if you must know..

Warren Rogue-DadEdit

My dad's a real estate agent so he's rarely home. He's nice but I barely see him.

Angela Rogue-Deceased momEdit

My mom passed away 5 years ago from a heart attack. She was my best friend for the first 11 years of my life. I almost commited suicide after she died, but my dad stopped me and told me about how she was "still with us" and all that crap. I know she's not really here. Now I'm getting all emotional. Sorry. I just miss her. And don't feel pity. I'm okay.

Andrew RogueEdit

We used to be really close, but now he's just a pain. He's 19 and still living at home. Low-life.

Sarah Lynn Barker RogueEdit

She's my dad's fiance. They're getting married in 7 months. I hate her.


I lived with my mom, dad, and brother in Georgia from my birth to age six. Then we moved to Cali. Then Missisippi. Then Oregon. So yeah. Blah blah blah.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Sienna GeorgeEdit

I hate her shyness. Like, get over it. You're 16. You can forget the shy babyness.

Ryan StevensonEdit

I hate her. HATE HER. I hate you, Ryan. Now get the fawk off my page.

Makayla Jones Edit

She has an annoying nasal voice that I hate. I just hate EVERYTHING about her, k?

Chelsea BurgesEdit

Chelsea is mah flawlessness buddy. I love her.

Bailie JayEdit

Me beautious bestie. ^_^

Eleanor JamesEdit

Idk her...^_^


  • I'm the queen of Slender-man.
  • I like cake. c:
  • I'm new to EHG yet have a lot of friends.
  • I make friends easily.
  • I'm kind of a bishe.
  • I had to leave in the middle of writing this then came back.
  • I was eating french toast a moment ago.
  • I have an iPhone.

Here's a galleryEdit

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